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eav assessments

What is EAV?
EAV is an innovative testing method that has been used in Europe by over 25,000 medical practitioners. It is now gaining acceptance in the United States.


EAV offers a non-invasive method of screening for health imbalances. An EAV assessment is an important piece of your overall health by measuring the energy levels at specific acupuncture points.


The sensitive equipment measures the electrical resistance at the acupuncture points of the hands and feet, similiar to an electrician uses an ohmmeter to measure the electrical resistance. EAV Testing can show any organs or systems that are under stress. 

This assessments shows you real time feedback. In your session, you will see the imbalances in your system. This information arm you with infomration needed to remedy whatever challenges are discovered.

Chinese Medicine

Cindy Trotto is a certified EAV Technician, who focuses on bringing the imbalances within your body, back into balance.

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