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Dr. Pam's Affiliate Partnerships

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Photon Therapy Lights and Saunas

Website: SaunaSpace
Discount Code: Grover




PEMF, Sauna Blankets, Red Light Face Masks

Website: Higher Dose

Discount Code: Drgrover


Pure Water

Premium Water Distillers

Website: Pure Water

Discount Code: DrPam

Video Link


LightPath LED

LightPath LED Red Light Therapy Panels and Devices

Website: LightPath LED

5% Off

Discount Code: Drgrover


Photobiomodulation Patches

Photobiomodulation (PBM) patches are a patented safe and noninvasive wellness technology that supports the natural flow of energy within your body to encourage and support whole body wellness and healthy activity. 

Learn more

SUPPLEMENTs and medical food

Dr. Pam's Preferred Supplement Companies

Please call the office for practitioner code


Dean, Google Reviews

"I was so sick back in 2016 from severe GI issues. I didn't want to hop back on the hamster wheel of GI docs and primary docs giving me a zillion tests and prescribed meds that made me feel worse. Dr. Pam brought me back to health, which in turn changed how I eat, my cleaning products, my water and lifestyle. So very grateful for her expertise and compassion."
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