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Dr. Pam's Affiliate Partnerships

Screenshot 2022-12-13 at 15-07-20 Luminati Infrared Sauna - USA 120V (Refurbished).png


Photon Therapy Lights and Saunas

Discount Code: Grover




PEMF, Sauna Blankets, Red Light Face Masks)

Website: Higher Dose

Discount Code: Drgrover


Pure Water

Premium Water Distillers

Website: Pure Water

Discount Code: DrPam

Video Link:

Dean, Google Reviews

"I was so sick back in 2016 from severe GI issues. I didn't want to hop back on the hamster wheel of GI docs and primary docs giving me a zillion tests and prescribed meds that made me feel worse. Dr. Pam brought me back to health, which in turn changed how I eat, my cleaning products, my water and lifestyle. So very grateful for her expertise and compassion."
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