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Pamela Grover, M.D.


Personalized Medicine
Health Optimization
Disease Prevention

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Dr. Pamela Grover's practice is based on Personalized Medicine, With a focus on

prevention and healing.


Her approach to therapies and treatments is

natural and gentle. She specializes in treating chronic diseases, Thyroid disorders and diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, hormone imbalances

and other maladies.


Dr Grover's goal is to help each patient with prevention and healing, bringing their bodies

back into balance.



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Food Plan

Join us as we unravel the myths about diets and use our food as medicine

"I was so sick back in 2016 from severe GI issues. I didn't want to hop back on the hamster wheel of GI docs and primary docs giving me a zillion tests and prescribed meds that made me feel worse. Dr. Pam brought me back to health, which in turn changed how I eat, my cleaning products, my water and lifestyle. So very grateful for her expertise and compassion."

Dean, Google Reviews

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