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Massage Table

vibroacoutsic therapy

Vibroacoustic Therapy creates a deep cellular massage and trigger your body’s relaxation response. 

For your session, you will lay fully clothed on the table and float, while the water in the table carries sound vibrations that are specifically created to target the areas you want to improve or heal.

Recommended for:

• Neurodegeneration 
• Insomnia 
• Reducing Pain 
• Reducing Anxiety 
• Better Regulated Limbic System 
• Increased Circulation 
• Shortened Healing Periods 
• Increased Sleep Quality


Sessions are conducted by Tonya Colburn, R.N.,

who is also a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Tonya prides herself on providing the best possible experience for our patients. Her years of practice within the medical field and as a massage therapist make her a perfect match for this new addition to Dr. Pam’s healing and detox regimes.

Sessions pricing starts at

$50/30 or $100/60 Minutes.

Please contact Tonya regarding any questions or to set up your session.

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