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Dr. Pamela Grover M.D., FAARM, FAAFP has a thriving practice in Upstate New York and serves patients all around the world. "Dr. Pam" has deep roots in hard work, appreciation of all things natural and a philosophy that come from being one of six children raised on a dairy farm.This way of life opened her eyes to health being based in physicality, farm to table foods, and a reliance on nature.


Dr. Pam attended University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Bio Medical Sciences.  Upon graduation, she completed her residency at the University of  South Florida/Morton Plant Mease Family Practice Residency. Dr. Grover


taught medical students/residents, was named the Medical Director of the health clinic, and completed a fellowship at Michigan State in Primary Care Faculty Development with a Certification in Fundamentals of Management. 


From 2006 to 2013, she was in private practice and earned the honor of “Top Doctors” in the Tampa Bay, FL region.  Her community service includes participating on the Patient Quality and Safety Committee, serving as the Compliance Committee Chairman and serving on the Physician Advisory Board for the 100 Doctor Morton Plant Mease Primary Care Group.

Dr. Pam's journey changes course here as she learned that traditional medicine fell short. Functional Medicine, finding wellness at the root, not the cause, was facinating to her. Dr. Grover completed Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine  fellowship in 2013. With this new mission, she moved to New York and opned her practice.


Dr. Pam's Topics Include:

 - Wellness can only be found by determining root cause of your symptoms.

 - As you restore and heal the body it needs to be supported 

 - Medicine is more than one size fits all.

  - Functional Medicine is a Partnership,  there will have to changes a patient is willing to make.

  - Wherever possible, a natural prescription is preferred, however there are times medication is required. In philosophy, Dr. Pam aims for the most gentle approach to restoring your body’s balance.

If you are interested in having Dr. Pam speak at your next event, please contact Sue Crounse at 585.267.5551.

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