Dear Dr. Pam,

You have such a talent for medicine and I will always be grateful that I was led to your door.  I've lost track of the number of medical practitioners who tried to hep me over the past fifteen years.  My case baffled them and I kept deteriorating.  Somehow you were able to piece together a distinct image from the disjointed pieces seemingly unrelated symptoms and solve the puzzle of the underlying dysfunction that twas causing me so much pain and disability.  People throw the word "holistic" around but, in this case, it truly fits.  you are an amazing holistic doctor.

I didn't know when we had out first appointment that you would help me turn my life around.  You believed I could regain my health and that belief gave me hope.  I've relied upon that faith of yours, and your remarkable intellect, curiosity, and compassion so heavily, especially this past winter, when my health seemed to get worse before it could get better.  There were many times when my fear got the better of me, especially when my doctors feared the worst and asked me to do more and more invasive tests.  Those days you were both a doctor and a friend to me, encouraging me to trust the body's innate wisdom and ability to heal.

You were right and here I am, firmly on the road to wellness and able to be the wife, mother and person I want to be.  I know I can never repay you for leading me on this journey.  I cannot even adequately express the depths of my appreciation and respect.  Somehow, though, I suspect you can read between the lines and intuitively grasp how I feel.  You're good like that.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for working with me.  It's been an amazing partnership!





City, State

I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2011 by Dr. Grover who squeezed me in over her lunch hour for an infection when covering for my primary care physician. She could have just given me antibiotics and sent me quickly out the door but she astutely listened to my other complaints and checked my blood sugar.  My level was 450 my A1C couldn't even be calculated.  She was able to get my blood sugar down to 220 by giving me insulin in the office.  She also started me on insulin at home and pills.  She referred me to a whole foods dietitian, Liat Golan, in Dunedin FL.  I was so scared, when I arrived home I burst down crying in my son's arms.  I was afraid I would end up like my mother who passed away from complications of this disease in December 2012. 


Dr. Grover was very supportive and I was determined to beat it.  Liat, the dietitian, put me on a food plan and I started exercising.  I lost over 50 pounds, brought my blood pressure down to 112/70 and my A1C to 5.5, drum roll please... I am now considered non-diabetic.  This morning my doctor declared that "you are not a diabetic"  I want to be an inspiration to anyone who feels "trapped" by their illness.  You can fix it!  





I'm thanking God for the physical healing He has brought me over the past year, and much of it through Dr. Pamela Grover.  It's been a year since I had an episode of vertigo and almost a year since I've had even a head cold.  I've also lost 10 pounds with very little effort (imagine what I could do if I worked out every day!).  I feel better than I have felt in nearly a decade.  Counting my blessings!   

Amy Mee

City, State

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