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Ortho Molecular Products is committed to serving the medical community exclusively. We believe guidance from an expert is integral to the long-term well-being of patients. That’s why our formulas are only available through licensed health care professionals.

For more than 25 years, Ortho Molecular Products has partnered with health care providers across the nation to provide the very best supplements with an unwavering commitment to efficacy. This has been our mission since day one, and will continue to be our guiding force for decades to come. Ortho Molecular products can be ordered on Fullscript only.


Metagenics was founded in 1983 on a brave new scientific concept: how the right nutrition could help people realize their best health possible by influencing what makes them unique—their genes. Back then we called it “genetic potential through nutrition.” It also makes us unique—it’s been our mission and a key differentiator ever since.

Today, this ever-growing and respected field of science is known as nutrigenomics. And it's been practiced for nearly 30 years by forward-thinking providers who utilize our industry-leading products and programs to help people live healthier, happier lives.

Now healthcare organizations worldwide recommend “lifestyle medicine” to improve health with basic nutrigenomic tenets: healthier eating and regular exercise. But we hold the key to making lifestyle medicine programs more effective, as well as more expedient with targeted nutritional support.

Our research-based medical foods, nutraceuticals, and turnkey programs help address each patient’s unique health needs for a higher level of personalized, lifetime wellness care. That’s why so many healthcare providers worldwide trust Metagenics over any other professional brand.


Every day, more and more practitioners and their patients choose XYMOGEN. We are a trusted, experienced company that provides only the highest-quality ingredients at effective levels and in well-researched combinations. Our formulas have been used and trusted by thousands across the United States and internationally, and our standards speak to the reasons:


If you are a patient of Pamela Grover MD, Personalized Medicine, you may inquire about XYMOGEN by calling 585-623-4430.  


Fullscript is a leader in offering custom supplement treatment plans for Functional Medicine patients. 

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