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Reclaim Your Health Seminar

These seminars are held for new patients.  During the seminars Dr. Grover will explore the meaning of anti-aging, regenerative and functional medicine.  She will share practical information about the common root causes of chronic conditions and how to reverse these causes.  She also will review the lifestyle changes you can make to reclaim your health to its optimal level.  The seminars will include an overview of an elimination diet, sample meal plan and a discussion on specialized testing that can be done to discover common root cause of disease.   The next seminar date is to be determined.  

Prior to this visit you will complete a detailed on-line health history form.  Completing this form allows you to share any past or current health history, prescriptions or supplements taken, family history, surgeries, stressors that maybe leading to chronic illness or putting you at risk of a future health issue.  During the office visit you will be meeting with a certified health coach, Annie Yetter as well as Dr. Grover.  Annie will first review the on line health form with Dr. Grover before your visit.  During the visit, Annie will help Dr. Grover identify the key barriers to optimal health.  Later in the same visit Dr. Grover will review the key elements of history and devise a plan for testing and the start of your treatment.  

Comprehensive Treatment Plan Visit

This visit is 60-120 minutes and is with Dr. Grover or a functional medicine nurse practitioner.  She will review how you did with any nutritional diet or supplement changes you made, what the barriers were to any of these changes and which symptoms improved or are still bothersome.  Together you will review the results of your testing and how it is effecting your health and your symptoms.  Finally you will be creating a personalized health plan of diet, exercise, relaxation techniques, supplements or prescriptions.  After this visit it is helpful to explore some videos  or books to help you understand your condition at a deeper level.  Typically the follow up after this visit is scheduled for approximately 1-3 months.  

Detailed Review of Laboratory Testing ( Follow Up to Comprehensive New Patient)

Main objective of this visit is to review results of laboratory testing done- this may include blood testing, urine or stool testing and saliva testing.   You will have the opportunity to review past treatments, current symptoms and test results to determine the best treatment plan for you.   This appointment is approximately 1-1.5 hours.

Ongoing Maintenance Visits

This visit is a 45-60 minute visit to review your current symptoms and laboratory results to fine tune your treatment plan so you can continue to feel well or continue to work to improve your symptoms.  During this visit you will discuss additional testing that maybe needed.  You might be prescribed medications when appropriate but we always prefer to use optimize your nutrition, movement, stress relieving daily activities to optimize your health before turning to pharmaceuticals.  

Health Coach Wellness Visits

The Health Coaching Wellness Visits will allow you time to formulate a personalized plan to more easily implement healthy lifestyle changes and get you the improved health outcomes you desire.  The sessions will include learning new recipes, relaxation techniques, exercises and methods for self-tracking that help keep you focused on your goals.  You will leave these sessions with solid action items and new motivation.

A Bio-energetic health professional will measure your energy channels and help identify the points of imbalance in your system.  These priority points can then be used to assess which foods or homeopathic remedies can re-establish balance to your system.  This is a tool that can assist Dr. Grover in monitoring the effectiveness of your changes in diet and in your supplemental therapies.

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