Alexa Schneider, PhD, PsyD, ND, RN, FNP

Dr. Pam Grover MD is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Alexa Schneider PhD, PsyD, ND, RN, FNP to her practice.  Dr. Alexa will provide the practice with a second medical provider who brings with her years of experience in Functional Medicine and will be providing high quality personalized care.

In addition to some training with the Institute of Functional Medicine, Dr. Alexa has studied both traditional and holistic health care modalities.  She graduated from Trinity College of Natural Health with a Doctor of Naturopathy, Robert Wesleyan College with a Bachelors in Nursing, St John Fisher College with a Masters in Nursing, and Pillsbury College with a Doctoral Degree in Counseling Psychology and Philosophy and is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor through NCCA.  Dr. Alexa is also an Ordained Minister.

Dr. Alexa worked several years at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York, in various departments before transferring to Rochester General Hospital Cardiac ICU.  Additional past and current experiences include working as a Community Health Nurse, Nursing Faculty in various Nursing programs, Cardiac Rehab Nurse at the JCC, Private Duty Nurse in the home of high tech pediatric patients, Forensic Nurse Examiner, and Family Nurse Practitioner in Family Practice, Student Health and in an Anti-Aging/Functional Medicine Practice.


Dr. Alexa grew up in Lima, NY.  Her father first introduced her to functional medicine in her early years after he completed his Doctor of Naturopathy and taught and applied various holistic modalities to her family and many people around the world.


Through her own health journey, of reversing numerous health conditions, Dr. Alexa is passionate to participate in the process of patient’s transition from illness to wellness in addition to educating patients on preventative measures to implement in preparation for optimal aging. 


Dr. Alexa is married to her high school sweetheart and enjoys spending time with her adult children and grandchildren. 


She is thrilled to be a part of Dr. Pam Grover’s team and looks forward to assisting patients in their journey towards optimal health.